Sarah Carolides

MA, MPhil (Cantab) DipION (Dist)

Want access to nutrition, diet and health advice from Harvey Nichols and Third Space?

For the last 20 years, Sarah Carolides has been keeping top celebrities, politicians and business people feeling and looking great. Now you can enjoy the same support and results from the comfort of your own home by either signing up for the Transform membership, or by booking a free 'phone call and learning about how you can work with us directly.


Sarah Carolides

MA, MPhil (Cantab) DipION (Dist)

For the past 20 years I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. My London clinics are located in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and Third Space in Soho. At both locations I work alongside some of London’s top GPs, exercise specialists, medical consultants and aesthetic doctors. I passionately believe that an integrated approach is the most successful one for the client. Although I already consult with people all over the world, I am so excited that I can now extend this support through the Transform membership and courses online. Now you can truly experience the same nutrition and health advice as the top celebrities, athletes and business people who visit the clinics in person.

Sarah’s Story

About - Sarah Carolides

Sarah’s Philosophy

Listen. Test. Analyse. Act.

Clients seek us out because of a certain goal or issue. Instead of just dealing with the symptoms, we look for the underlying root cause.

Not only does every person who steps into my clinics have a unique body and set of issues, they also have their own individual personality, lifestyle and habits. It’s only when you bring it all together that you get results.

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Transform Membership

Good nutrition is much more than just handing out a diet sheet. Our Transform membership helps you understand exactly what's going to be right for you and your health. We bring in experts from the world of exercise, sleep, stress, genetics and anything else we can think of to ensure you will find the level of support you need to finally reach your health and wellness goals. Whether it's menopause, mental health, fatigue, digestive discomfort, skin problems or weight loss, we explain what's causing your issues, and help you implement the changes that can get you back to feeling yourself again.

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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help Me?

Food and lifestyle are as important as drugs and medications when it comes to good health. If you want to work with us in person, some of the most common conditions we deal with are listed below.


About - Sarah Carolides

Weight Loss

Your weight does not dictate how healthy you are. But maybe you want to drop a few pounds so you can fit into THAT outfit. Or maybe you know that the kilos have crept on to the point that they’re impacting your health, happiness and lifestyle. Fad diets and negative advice leave a lot of our clients feeling that nothing works for them. Or maybe you sabotage your own success. We’re here to help you get back on track.

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About - Sarah Carolides

Digestive Issues

Bloated? Reflux? Constipated? Trust us, digestive issues are some of the most common complaints we deal with. Would you love to wear those tight clothes again without fear of bloating and discomfort? So many of us dress to suit our stomachs, and not our social lives!

Using scientific testing, we analyse the exact causes allowing us to prescribe the right diet and supplement advice

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About - Sarah Carolides

Skin Problems

Your skin is a window to what’s going on inside the body. Acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can all have links to digestive health, food sensitivities, or hormonal issues. Exploring all the positive triggers, we get to the root cause of your problem and help you target both the internal and external therapies that will help you return to radiance.

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About - Sarah Carolides

Mental Wellbeing

The links between diet, microbiome health, nutritional deficiencies and mental health are now well established. Sometimes it’s as simple as a shot of Vitamin D. Many clients are referred to us by London’s top psychotherapists. We work with you to investigate any possible underlying nutritional needs, or biochemical imbalances that may help restore you back to balance.

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