How would Good Health change Your Life?

Good Health means different things to different people. Good Health might mean increased productivity, energy, strength and resilience. Good Health might mean freedom from chronic pain, illness, fatigue and depression.

Functional Medicine is about dealing with the root causes of a problem rather than just the symptoms. Each and every client benefits from a unique, personalised programme embracing all the elements that contribute to you living your best and healthiest life possible.

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Is Functional Medicine the right thing for Me?

90% of today's health problems are entirely preventable. Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity and many other diseases can be reduced and even reversed with lifestyle changes that anyone can make. If you could spend 3 hours with your doctor instead of just 7 minutes, they would be able to tell you about the things you can do that would impact your health instead of just taking medication. Diet, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration, genetics, habits, emotions and mental resilience. They all matter.

This is where functional medicine comes in. We analyse everything that might be causing you problems and work with you until you know exactly what is going to work for you, your body and your health. We don't guess. We test. And then we work with you to fill in the gaps and give you the knowledge to live your life with health and vitality.

Whether online, or in person, we work intensively with clients for either 6 or 12 months, meeting every 2 weeks (or more often if necessary). Meetings take place either face to face or online to monitor nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, mindset, supplement needs and any other key issues. We utilise the most up-to-date functional testing and monitoring devices to regularly assess and track issues and progress and are able to work with clients globally.


How it works

Using 20 years of experience and our access to some of the UK's top medical and health specialists, we have developed a simple process that works to help you achieve optimal wellness.

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