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  • MA, MPhil (Cantab), DipION (Dist), CISN
  • ZOOKI Head of Nutrition

''My mission is to help people transform their health and support them back to feeling their best''

Sarah Carolides Nutrition London

Based in London, Sarah is one of London and the UK's leading Nutritionists and Functional Medicine specialists.
With 20-plus years of experience helping and supporting people with nutrition and health problems, Sarah has changed countless lifestyles across London, the UK, and worldwide.

Sarah works with numerous leading companies across the UK helping develop their employee Health and Wellbeing Programmes. Sarah offers a wide range of Employee Wellbeing Courses and participates in seminars, conferences, and employee Q&A workshops.

Sarah has recently been named as ZOOKI Head of Nutrition. Sarah leads the conversation on key health conditions such as Menopause in the workplace and the Importance of Vitamin D

Nutrition for Weightloss and Health!

Personal Nutrition consultations are now available!

Services available

  • Nutritional Consultations and Therapy

  • 6 months and 12 months Personalised Full Health Therapy

  • Functional medicine

  • Nutrition for weight loss

  • Nutrition for Sports Performance

  • Love your Gut Nutrition


  • Prices are available on application

personalised nutritional services
  • Sarah Carolides Nutrition London

  • Recommended by VANITY FAIR

  • Whether you’re a C.E.O. battling digestive problems or a billionaire with adrenal exhaustion, Sarah Carolides has your back. One of the UK’s top functional medicine & nutrition specialists for a host of A-listers.
  • Her secret weapon? A whole-body approach that she describes as “half functional medicine, half life-coaching”
  • Opt for 6 or 12 months of intensive work and by course completion, you’ll barely recognise the refreshed, revitalised, and super-svelte being looking back at you in the mirror.


Working towards Happier and Healthier Employees 

Encourage sustainable lasting habits and behavioral changes to help improve the wellbeing and productivity of your employees. Developing an effective and contemporary employee health and wellness programme means focusing on the central pillars of a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Our Employee Health and Wellbeing workshops explore how the central pillars affect essential aspects of your life from weight management to brainpower and productivity, to how you age and how well you think. Our programmes are designed to incorporate everything from, Diet and Exercise, Mental Health, Strategies to cope with stress, and Improving energy levels and sleep, through to in-depth topics on Gut Health, Diabetes, Menopause, and Skin Health

Our Employee Health and Wellbeing programmes can be adapted to your business and employee health needs. We offer a wide range of talks and Employee Q&A workshops.



employee health and wellbeing programmes

managing the menopause

*** TRENDING****

Managing Menopause in the workplace.


  • Perhaps the hottest topic in workplace health at the moment
  • Menopausal women are the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace, yet the corporate response remains dated and one-dimensional.

Our Managing Menopause is a programme for everyone to help them understand the issues and how they affect women, highlighting company best practices, exploring government initiatives, and providing actionable, impactful tools for you to implement within your company easily


Why not start your journey with London's Leading Nutritionist

  • My proven 28-day programmes are unlike any other course or fad diet out there on the market.
  • '28 Days' empowers you with the tools you need to make simple changes that are easily sustainable for a happy, healthy, balanced life.
  • Sarah Carolides MA, MPhil (Cantab), DipION (Dist), CISN
shift method


  • My '28 Days' programmes cover many aspects of health and wellness. We guide you through all the resources you need. Recipes, educational information, meditation & breathing techniques …you name it, it's all here...!!
  • Manage your stress
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Boost your energy
  • Achieve optimum sleep
  • Reduce emotional eating
  • Promote healthier skin and hair
  • Manage bingeing and cravings


nutritional consultations




  • Functional Medical Testing can often hold the key to making changes. By gaining a better understanding of what is going on in your body we can be specific with any dietary and lifestyle replacements. Whether you suffer from bloating, sleepless nights, irregular eating, or hormonal imbalances, functional medicine can help uncover the changes needed to improve your lifestyle.

With all of my medical tests, a complimentary personlaised nutrition and health consultation is included. During this consultation, our experts will review the results, give advice and guidance for simple and sustainable changes needed in your diet and lifestyle.



  • Winter Healthy Meal Recipes

  • In winter our body craves rich food which provides warmth along with nourishment. I have created the perfect simple and easy winter recipes to help keep you staying warm and healthy
  • Download your complimentary copy

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    • “We are what we eat - is not an overstatement. Sarah is the best place to start this journey of healthy diet, body & mind. I never looked back!”
      Banu – Working with Sarah
    • Thank you so much for Tuesday! I am brimming with ideas and determination! Now to put some of that good stuff into practice..!
      Susie – Working with Sarah
    • The idea of support, proper testing and information, menu plans, and exercise was the boost I needed to get to my goal. The changes were easy to follow as Sarah took my lifestyle into account all the time.
      Harriet – Working with Sarah
    • I really enjoy our sessions.  The testing and questionnaire were so thorough! In the last 6 months, we have worked on everything from diet, stress, sleep, exercise, and even issues at work. It's like 4 therapists rolled into one. I have never felt better! 
      Gemma – Working with Sarah
    • In a nutshell, Sarah Carolides has proved to be the best support in overcoming binge eating, losing a huge amount of weight in a short but reasonable length of time, and ultimately becoming the version of myself I feel happiest with.
      Anonymous – Working with Sarah
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