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Our health clinics run weekly in the prestigious Harvey Nichols and Third Space, London. For the past 20 years I have supported top celebrities, politicians, athletes and business people to achieve peak health and wellness, using a simple process of testing, analysis and then action. Now you can enjoy that same advice online and get the results you need by joining the Transform members' community, following one of our online courses, or joining me on a retreat!

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Thank you so much for Tuesday! I am brimming with ideas and determination! Now to put some of that good stuff into practice..!


I was at the lunch and learn you delivered last year and I thought it was absolutely fantastic and really helpful!

Anonymous, 21

I will always appreciate Sarah Carolides for helping me in my struggle against binge-eating: Within 3 months of her Elite Programme, I shed 20kg without experiencing the pain of crash diets - I cannot remember a single instance where I felt deprived to such an extent that I would simply resort to my old habits. With confidence and ease I can now maintain my weight on my own and more importantly, embrace the joy of healthy eating. Following weekly meal plans personalised to my taste preferences resulted in a rapid weight loss of 6kg over the first two weeks. This happened without starvation, calorie counting, or any rigid regime - and instead merely by learning to love food that is in my body’s best interest. Thanks to suggested supplements I could raise my energy levels to combat against cravings, and insert appropriate exercises. Sarah has always had an answer to any of my questions relating to a general healthy lifestyle. In weekly encouraging phone follow ups we found effective strategies to help fight against plateaus. At the end of the programme, to combat another 2kg before the Christmas vacation, I could even enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of a three day juice cleansing diet. After two months of finishing my work with Sarah Carolides, I still maintain my healthy weight at 58kg. Crucially, if I genuinely wanted to cheat while dining out, I would successfully enjoy and immediately after get back to a consistent and healthy lifestyle which works better for me and my stressful student life. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to fit back into old clothes and confidently upload photos on Instagram. In a nutshell, Sarah Carolides has proved to be the best support in overcoming binge-eating, losing a huge amount of weight in a short but reasonable length of time and ultimately becoming the version of myself I feel happiest with.

TM - 38 years old

The increase in energy is very noticeable - I can sort of feel it buzzing in me. It’s hard to describe but I’m definitely feeling more rested when I get up in the morning whereas previously I’ve always felt exhausted. On my way home tonight I didn’t just go home, but felt compelled to go do my food shopping and then my washing when I got in. Previously, all I’d be able to do is go home and lay on the sofa. My mood is better and even my gut feels a bit better and I think my motility is improving. I’m still getting a little bloating but no where near as much. I can’t thank you enough for your help.


I really enjoyed our session. It’s so nice to talk to someone who understands what’s happening in my body and who can offer practical ways to get to the bottom of it all. My doctor just looks at me blankly and I generally leave there wondering if I’m going crazy or overreacting.

Harvey Nichols Head Office - Chiswick

Was lovely having you in and we have received great feedback! Thank you so much for today, was amazing and we all loved it.


Before I started the challenge I was stuck in a vicious cycle of Weight Watchers. At the point of joining the challenge I consumed alcohol most days which led to chocolate and cheese and I drank Diet Coke like it was going out of fashion. I was worried about not feeling lovely when I become a bridesmaid for my good friend in June when my friend suggested we join the challenge together. The biggest challenge for me was giving up the Diet Coke - averaging around 5 cans a day. Once I had got through the first 5 days, I seriously felt amazing. I thought I would miss the bread, pasta, crisps etc but I seriously didn't. I love cooking and am a bit of a foodie and found the recipes really delicious. I prepped and planned my meals at the beginning of the week to make sure everything was to hand when I was hungry and I didn't reach for the crisp cupboard. I am most pleased with my weight loss over the 4 weeks - 8lbs of fat lost as well as some muscle gain. I have much more energy, sleep amazingly and got a real confidence boost when friends and family commented on how good I was looking. I am also really pleased with my improved fitness levels and changing shape as a result. I would say to anyone considering this challenge to do it!! The food and exercise plan make you feel amazing. I have started my half marathon training and I am already seeing that I am considerably faster and stronger than last year. Looking forward to starting the next challenge!


I had been trying to get back to my old self since coming back from the Falklands and whilst I had lost a stone, it was slow progress. My daughter got me into the courses and the newsletters followed. I read the email about 5 times before I thought....just go for it....the only thing you have to lose is a few quid. The idea of support, a menu plan and exercise was the boost I needed to get to my goal. The plan was easy to follow provided you were prepared. I managed to maintain my social life (although now a bit of a lightweight), go on holiday, work away and still remain reasonably on track using the principles of the plan. I am quite fortunate in that there is generally a gym when I am away for work. The support and encouragement from the group has helped me stay on track. That in itself has been invaluable. I am now in a happy place with the way I feel, look and I am currently going through my wardrobe having a big clear out as nothing fits!”


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