Want to Feel Your Best? Modern life is tough. Stress, excess weight, fatigue are often indicators of more serious problems underneath.

By working on digestion, immunity, sleep quality, blood sugar levels, mood and emotions, detoxification, movement and diet, I am able to help all my clients get back to a healthy, vibrant and balanced life.

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Sarah C SHIFT Method Course

Sarah C's SHIFT Method is an 8 week programme to help you improve your overall wellness & nutrition. With a focus on sleep & stress management, energy, detox, blood sugar levels and emotional eating, together we work to make the changes you need to shift to good health.

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Sarah C Wellness Programmes

Sarah delivers wellness and wellbeing programmes that encourage sustainable lasting habits and behavioural changes to help improve the wellbeing in your workforce.



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Sarah C Skin Series


Sarah has developed her own Skin Series, with each guide dedicated to a different skin concern and underlying skin issues whether it be dehydrated & dull, acne prone, eczema or psoriasis. From Skin nutrition to suitable treatments, the Sarah C Skin Series will kickstart your glow.

Sarah C Functional Testing

Focus on areas such as food allergies, blood readings, urine and stool readings. Having real results that are not to categorised into average or normal, allows changes to be specific to my clients needs.

All tests can be purchased separately and include a consultation with me

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