Creating a healthy relationship between your body and food

Weight loss is hard. And actually what's even harder is keeping it off. Maybe you have an underlying health condition that needs addressing. Maybe you've tried everything and don't know what approach will work for you. Or maybe you know what works for you, but you let life, or your own sabotaging thoughts and behaviour patterns get in the way. I meet so many people who tell me they have tried EVERY diet out there and they are literally at their wit's end. We understand. And we know what to do to help.


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Thinking back about all my clients over the years, we could write a detailed history of every diet that’s been released in the last 20 years. And how they’ve failed us. Whether it’s paleo, keto, low fat, high fat, grapefruit, intermittent fasting, Atkins, Slimming World or Weight Watchers, between us we’ve seen and tried them all. And if anyone ever tells you it’s just a simple matter of ‘Calories in vs. calories out’ then just smile and WALK AWAY.

Weight is not an easy topic. It can involve hormones, stress, gut problems, menopause, thyroid, digestive issues, genetic inheritance or nutritional deficiencies, to name just a few! Book a free 30 minute call with Sarah and we can talk through all the factors that might be holding you back. Then we decide whether working with Sarah directly, or joining the Transform community will be the programme that is EXACTLY right for your body and your needs

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Our Transform membership provides an easy way for you to access the level of expert support and guidance that will help you lose weight successfully and sustainably. Each month we discuss different topics that impact health and weight; we bring in the experts to help us cut through the fads; we provide the recipes for delicious healthy meals the family will love, and every quarter you'll have a complimentary call with Sarah or one of the team to review your progress or identify any issues. Still not convinced? Contact us to talk it through and we can decide together what will be the best way forward for you.

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Read some of our case histories below to understand what's different about our Weight Loss programmes and how they can work for you.


Are you Eating Enough to Lose Weight?        Ruth’s story

Ruth was 51, elegant, intelligent and organised. She came to see me because of the weight she’d gained in the last 5-10 years. Before that she’d always kept her weight under control, even though she’d had 3 children and worked full-time as an office administrator.

She’d always eaten healthily, had managed to get to an exercise class a few times a week, and couldn’t understand why she’d put on over 15 pounds even though she hadn’t changed anything. Because of the weight gain, she’d cut down on her food intake and increased her exercise regime to at least 5 days a week. She knew the calorie count of everything and could not understand why her weight just didn’t budge.

Before she had her first consultation, I asked Ruth to fill in a 3 day food diary. Usually when I do this, I ask clients if their weekends are different to their weekdays. In Ruth’s case there was no difference. Breakfast was a cup of espresso, lunch was a tuna or chicken salad and dinner was fish with steamed vegetables.

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Stress? What stress?  Jamie’s story

Jamie came to us because he was preparing for a 5 day charity climbing trek in South America. Running his own business, he’d let his fitness slip the last few years and wanted to use the trek as a way to get himself back into healthy habits and lose a bit of weight along the way.

He’d started working out regularly with a trainer and eating more healthily, but in 3 months his muscle:fat ratio hadn’t changed and the weight hadn’t shifted at all.

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I bloat and put on weight whatever I eat.. India’s story

India was totally fed up. Only just in her early 20s, she could bloat so much during the day that she’d been congratulated several times on her pregnancy. She knew that what she ate was affecting her, but it seemed to be the same whether she ate healthily or not.

She’d tried cutting out a few things here and there, and sometimes it helped for a little while, but then things would just revert to where they were before. Her stomach constantly felt heavy, like she’d swallowed a bowling ball.

It could make her so uncomfortable that she would sometimes make excuses not to go out with her friends because she just wanted to loosen her clothes and lie down in a dark room…

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Losing weight is easy..keeping it off is the hard part.. Sven’s story

I’d known Sven for a long time. He’d been a regular client for a few years. He’d worked hard on his underlying health issues and had got down to his goal weight several times. But then inevitably he would disappear for a few months and then reappear suddenly with a sheepish look on his face, either back up to his original weight, or somewhere close to it.

The story was the same every time. He’s feel great when he was at what he called his ‘fighting weight’ but the minute he achieved it, he’d start self-sabotaging himself.

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