The Shift Series

Welcome to the only course that offers everything you need to achieve your health & wellness goals.

Together, we work to shift your weight, movement, stress and resilience which enables you to make the changes you need easily and sustainably.


  • Our Signature Shift Course helps and guides you to achieve Optimum Health and Wellbeing 

    Our 8 week course not only focuses on your Nutrition, we work with you to deal with stress, hydration, sleep, movement, emotional eating and anything else that might be stopping you from achieving the health and weight you deserve.

    By the end of the 8 weeks you will be feeling energised and looking amazing!

    *Please note the course works best on a computer or laptop rather than 'phone


What Will I Get?

8 weeks of different topics including sleep, stress, energy, detox, blood sugar levels and emotional eating.

Over 160 quick and easy, tasty recipes with choices to suit everyone. Guided yoga poses and routines.

Weekly videos to explain each topic.

Planners, journals and questionnaires to record symptoms and progress.

Have a look below at some of the incredible content...



8 weeks of educational and instructional videos, food plans with over 160 quick and easy, delicious new recipes catering for all tastes, structured yoga routines and guided breathing practices. Information, tips and tricks to transform your sleep, stress, emotional eating patterns, energy levels and weight.

*All recipes are gluten, dairy and sugar free with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.


£93.50 That's less than £ 1.67 a day!
  • Ditch the scales and diet books
  • Get your energy and balance back
  • Yoga Routine Poses & Videos
  • Guided Breathing Practices
  • Over 160 Recipes to suit everyone
  • Start anytime & Access for Life
  • Functions best on computer or laptop
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  • “A great course! I had never realised how bad my digestion was and how much it affected my skin until I did this. I thought everyone suffered from bloating and wind! The emotional eating week really worked for me too as I started to think about just how much I was excusing my choices because I needed comfort foods. I'm not where I want to be yet, but you've really helped me make a start”
    Megan, 26, poor skin and anxiety
  • “I was so surprised by the recipes. I thought going on a diet meant boring and bland food. But they were really tasty. The first couple of weeks were hard as I had to get organised and buy some different foods but after that I got into a routine with my favourite ones and really enjoyed it. I feel better, have dropped a few pounds and will definitely be continuing.”
    Daniel, 42, recently divorced
  • “This was so different to anything I have tried before. I really enjoyed the detox week and the way we had to think about so many aspects of health - not just counting calories! I don't feel like a failure anymore”
    Yasmin, 56, put on weight since menopause
  • “This course was just what I needed! The recipes are great, my husband enjoyed the meals as much as I did. I loved the yoga and the breathing and I learned so much about so many new things like sleep and how much my eating choices are affected by how stressed I am. Thank you!”
    Beth, 34, tired new mum!