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Sarah C's Wellness Programmes


Sarah C delivers wellness and wellbeing programmes that encourage sustainable lasting habits and behavioural changes to help improve the wellbeing in your workforce.

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Wellbeing For You and The Team

My wellbeing programmes offer a wide variety of topics which cover the importance of nutrition and the effects on mental health, workforce productivity and lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to improve your workforce productivity or organisational skills, my programmes can help. Delivered face to face or online, you can bespoke your programme to include one, or as many of the topics you see as relevant to you and your business needs.

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    Lifestyle Management

    In this wide-ranging seminar, we bring together all the different lifestyle changes that can make huge impacts on your health and wellness. Everything from breathwork to meal prep; habits that will stick and those doomed to failure.

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    Get Your Glow Back

    Bringing you simple changes that are enough to turn a dull, lifeless complexion into one brimming with health and vitality.

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    Gut Health

    The gut has often been called the ‘second brain’ and with good reason. In this seminar you will learn the importance of your gut health and how it is directly linked to both our physical and mental health.

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    Mental Resilience

    7 Simple Steps to less stress, anxiety & depression. Take charge of your mental well-being with nutrition – strategies for the workplace and for life

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    Boost your productivity

    Simple organisational changes that you and your employees can easily make that will boost your energy and productivity within the workplace and at home

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    Food Facts and Fads

    In this topical seminar we answer the questions around all the most popular food facts and fads, covering everything from whether eggs are really bad for your cholesterol, to whether liposomal supplements are all they’re cracked up to be.


Improve the health, wellbeing, energy and performance of your employees

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