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'When you give your body the right tools, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can improve your health and get back to feeling amazing'

Sarah Carolides.   MA, MPhil (Cantab), DipION (Dist), CISN


head of nutrition zooki


Working with doctors and consultants, Sarah's secret weapon is a whole-body approach that embraces everything from food, hydration, and sleep to exercise, stress, and even organisation.

All backed up by rigorous science and constant research. As well as supporting the health of her A-list international clients, Sarah writes regularly for several magazines, has been featured on National Geographic, and was most recently listed by Vanity Fair as one of ‘The A-List people to know in London’ in June 2021. Working with professionals in her field, Sarah has recently been appointed Head of Nutrition for YourZooki


Sarah has both undergraduate and postgraduate science degrees from the University of Cambridge and has been awarded Diplomas with distinction from both the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition. Her achievements include research papers published in the Journal of Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatology and the Australasian Journal of Dermatology on the links between rosacea and gut health and being a contributor to Patrick Holford's book: Optimum Nutrition for the Mind.


  • Everyone in functional medicine has their own story around health. I'm no exception.
  • For as long as I can remember, I always had stomach issues. It eventually came to a head during my 3rd year of university when I crashed with exhaustion, IBS, depression and terrible skin. Seeing allergists and gut specialists didn't help.
  • Eventually I found my own way to making changes in my diet and lifestyle.
  • Out went the pizzas, sugar, chocolate, McDonald's and fizzy drinks. In came vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, water and a few supplements. Within 2 weeks I dropped 5 kg in weight, my skin cleared up and so did my gut. It was honestly life-changing.
  • I then set about learning all I could about nutrition and the body's biochemistry, I am definitely a scientist at heart.
    But even though we rely on science and research, we know that it's only by making small and consistent changes to our lives that we truly make the big shifts.