It was a bit of a shock for Ruth at her first consultation when I told her that one of her issues was that she was not actually eating enough food to lose weight..

We see this a lot. Clients cut out more and more food until they’re eating hardly anything. Sadly there are still people out there who will tell you that losing weight is just a simple issue of ‘Calories in vs. calories out’. That might work for young people, but it certainly doesn’t work for my clients. When you cut calories for a long period of time, your body adjusts its metabolic rate down so it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. There’s also another issue in restricting your diet, and that’s the inevitable lack of nutrients. You need things like essential fats to lose fat. Cutting out essential vitamins and minerals makes it much harder for the body to work efficiently.

Over the next 6 months we worked with Ruth using nourishing meal plans, changing habits and working on her hormones until her body could relax and start to function properly again. There were a couple of times when events got in the way but each time Ruth came back and committed to her health.

She’s now slim and glowing, enjoying her food and feels in control of her body again.