Discovering the links between mind and body

For years, mental health programmes ignored physical health. With the surge in new knowledge about the gut, nutrition and exercise, we now know that supporting your physical body is one of the essential pillars for good mental health.


Not just in the mind..

Anxiety, depression, eating disorders…there can’t be many people who have not been affected by mental health issues during their lifetime. We are passionate about increasing the knowledge about how much your physical health impacts your mental wellness.

Being happy is hard work. Did you know there are over 50 different nutrients involved in having a happy thought? Amino acids, essential fats, vitamins and minerals are all needed to fire up the neurotransmitters and get the ‘feel-good’ hormones flowing.

Working with us individually gives us the time to work together through any factors that might be affecting your mental health.

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Transform Membership, or Individual Programme?

Working on mental health takes time. It's never just a quick fix. Using medical testing if necessary, coaching and support, alongside meal plans and recommended supplements, working with us individually gives us the time and space to support you in understanding the impact that physical factors may be having on your mental wellbeing. But if you just want to start by nudging your habits back to more healthy ones with the support of our community, then Transform membership is the way to go.

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The four main pillars of nutrition for mental health.

Working together, we explore what may be affecting your mental health issues from a nutritional point of view. We help you put new techniques and habits into practice and support you with knowledge around nutrition and lifestyle


What’s the Gut Got to Do with It?

Nutritional science has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. And a huge portion of that is our new-found knowledge about the health of the gut, and how it impacts on both our physical and mental health.

Learning about mental health now means learning about the microbiome, that huge community of microorganisms that lives mostly in our bowel. Very often, if they are upset, it means we are upset as well.

More about the microbiome


Deficiencies = Depression

I already mentioned that having a happy thought uses up a lot of nutrients. Sometimes genetic differences mean that some of us need a lot more of certain nutrients than others. Sometimes we go through periods of life where we use up a lot more nutrients because of stress or physiological changes. And sometimes we cut out important foods either intentionally or by mistake that leave us vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies that can cause our mental health to suffer.

Deficiencies in many different vitamins and minerals can cause issues with mental health and a simple blood or urine screen can often pick them up straightaway. It might be something as simple as vitamin D or iron; or it might be a more complex interaction due to poor metabolism. Either way, the right testing, diet and supplementation can often have profound effects.

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Eating Disorders, or Disordered Eating?

I have worked with many patients suffering from either eating disorders, or disordered eating. Both conditions require time, support and coaching. I work closely with one of London’s top counselling psychologists and psychotherapists. If the time is right, together we provide support and practical steps to help the patient recover and thrive again.

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Food Intolerances

Eating the foods that you are sensitive to can have a pronounced adverse effect on your mental health. There are certain foods or ingredients that have studied links with depression and anxiety and it is important that we investigate for these. Once we have identified any foods that might be causing you problems, we will provide you with alternative ingredient suggestions, or menu plans to ensure you are eating a nutritious and complete diet throughout the programme.

As food intolerances are often a symptom of a deeper underlying gut issue, we will work through the possible causes and restore you to being able to eat as many of the foods as possible.

Food Intolerance Test


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