variety of assorted-color beans


See your recipe books below. Choose your favourites and fill your recipe choices into your planners. Easy.

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  • How to use the recipes:

Each week in your planner/journal, first enter any meals that you are eating out.

Next, choose your breakfasts.

Then look at the main meals and decide what you are going to cook every night. If you are short on cooking time, you can make enough for 2 nights running, or enough for one dinner and lunch the next day.

Include a portion of starchy carbohydrate with one meal a day. That's the sweet potato, brown rice, butternut squash, quinoa, beetroot or celeriac. Ideally, you will have the starchy carbohydrate at lunch and then at dinner have 75% of your plate full of loads of rainbow-coloured, non-starchy vegetables.

You should have some protein with every meal or snack.

We have included some ideas for a snack as well. If you can avoid snacking altogether, that's great. The more time you leave between meals, the better it is for your digestive system. However, if you have a long day, or you are used to eating every few hours, you may need one of these snacks every day, and that's fine.

There are a few days filled in on the example planner/journal template for you to look at and see what we mean.