How it works

Whether online, or in person, we work intensively with clients for either 6 or 12 months, meeting every 2 weeks (or more often if necessary). Meetings take place either face to face or online to monitor nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, mindset, supplement needs and any other key issues. We utilise the most up-to-date functional testing and monitoring devices to regularly assess and track issues and progress and are able to work with clients globally. We are always on hand to give support, motivation and deal with any issues as they arise. Prices run from £6,000 upwards, depending on the length of the programme and degree of support needed.

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What will I have to Do?

By committing to a year of health, you will learn everything about what it takes for your body to fire on all cylinders. Together we look at your in-depth blood profile, nutrient intake, exercise patterns, sleep quality and quantity, family history, genetic strengths and weaknesses, resilience to stress, need for supplements, toxic exposure, microbiome and anything else that might be relevant for your individual health profile. So what will you have to do? Prepare for a lifetime of better health, performance and energy.

Complimentary Consultation

In this free 30 minute call, we discuss your health issues and goals. I will explain more about the programme and we decide on the best approach for you and your lifestyle.


Functional Testing

Every programme starts with all necessary medical assessments, arranged in a convenient location. This may include bloods, physical assessment, stool, urine and genetic testing.


Questionnaire & Journal

Before the test results arrive, you complete an in-depth questionnaire and journal so I can fully analyse your symptoms, current habits and any lifestyle requirements. We examine family history, health goals, how you eat, exercise, sleep, work and relax.


Analysis & Goal Setting

A comprehensive 1-2 hour consultation to analyse all results and establish either a 6 or 12 month programme. If further testing or referrals are needed, this is when we make them. Time to reach for your goals!


Your Programme

Weekly or bi-weekly meetings to coach you through all aspects of your new life. Referrals, supplements, further testing and monitoring devices included when needed.


Progress and Review

Each programme is closely monitored on a weekly basis, with full 6 month reviews including follow-up blood tests included in the initial cost of the programme.


Ready to Start?

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Case Histories

Here are some of the people we've helped over the years. Everything from mental health, weight loss, gut disorders, skin issues to chronic fatigue. See how we might help you.



  • “A great course! I had never realised how bad my digestion was and how much it affected my skin until I did this. I thought everyone suffered from bloating and wind! The emotional eating week really worked for me too as I started to think about just how much I was excusing my choices because I needed comfort foods. I'm not where I want to be yet, but you've really helped me make a start”
    Megan, 26, poor skin and anxiety
  • “I was so surprised by the recipes. I thought going on a diet meant boring and bland food. But they were really tasty. The first couple of weeks were hard as I had to get organised and buy some different foods but after that I got into a routine with my favourite ones and really enjoyed it. I feel better, have dropped a few pounds and will definitely be continuing.”
    Daniel, 42, recently divorced
  • “This was so different to anything I have tried before. I really enjoyed the detox week and the way we had to think about so many aspects of health - not just counting calories! I don't feel like a failure anymore”
    Yasmin, 56, put on weight since menopause
  • “This course was just what I needed! The recipes are great, my husband enjoyed the meals as much as I did. I loved the yoga and the breathing and I learned so much about so many new things like sleep and how much my eating choices are affected by how stressed I am. Thank you!”
    Beth, 34, tired new mum!
  • Thank you so much for Tuesday! I am brimming with ideas and determination! Now to put some of that good stuff into practice..!
  • I had been trying to get back to my old self since coming back from the Falklands and whilst I had lost a stone, it was slow progress. My daughter booked me a call with Sarah and we talked for an hour. I was amazed at how much ground we covered but also, how much I had neglected looking after my own health while I had been busy raising a family. I read the information about 5 times before I thought....just go for it....the only thing you have to lose is a few quid. The idea of support, proper testing and information, menu plans and exercise was the boost I needed to get to my goal. The changes were easy to follow as Sarah took my lifestyle into account all the time. I managed to maintain my social life (although now a bit of a lightweight), go on holiday, work away and still remain reasonably on track using the principles and adjusting as i went along. I am quite fortunate in that there is generally a gym when I am away for work. The support and encouragement from the team has helped me stay on track. That in itself has been invaluable. I am now in a happy place with the way I feel, look and I am currently going through my wardrobe having a big clear out as nothing fits!”
    Harriet – 45