The Psychology of Diet and Exercise

We all know that embarking on any new diet or exercise programme is more about the mental approach than the physical.
Getting your head in the right place to adopt new habits and systems is the key to making lasting and sustainable changes.

Intended Outcomes

As a result of joining this session, participants will be more aware of why diet and exercise are important for their health and how they can set themselves up for success in adopting any lifestyle changes.

Participants will feel more comfortable talking about their issues in making changes and may feel inspired to take on workplace health challenges

Colleagues will feel more ready and able to support others attempting to make healthy changes to their lifestyles.

silver fork and knife on plate


Why should we worry about eating healthily and exercising in the first place?
What are the surprising facts that we might not be aware of?
When is the best time to start a new programme and is it better to think about changing habits or setting ourselves new goals?
How and why do we sabotage ourselves, or let others sabotage us?
The importance of marginal gains and how to fit them into a demanding working lifestyle with precise, actionable steps.
Current trends that might be worth adopting and those to be avoided.
Practical nuggets that line you up for success.


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