Gut Health

  • Well established as the 2nd brain because of the number of neurons it contains, the digestive system is often hailed as the key to every aspect of our health.With good reason.
  • The world of the bacteria and micro-organisms that inhabit the digestive tract affects every aspect of our physical and mental wellbeing

Intended Outcomes

As a result of joining this session, participants will be more aware of digestive health and the impact it has on both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Colleagues with digestive problems will feel empowered to have open conversations about their issues, They will know if & when they should seek help.

Participants will feel ready, willing and able to foster an open environment in their teams around possibly embarrassing health issues and be able to support others.

gut health programme


What are the signs that your digestion is imbalanced?
The links between the gut and the brain
What is leaky gut?
Do food intolerances exist, or is it just fashionable?
What are the tests that work, and are they worth it?
How to ensure a healthy digestion
Prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. What they are and if they matter.


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