Food facts and fads

  • We examine all the topics that come up in the news and social media channels that are influencing how we eat, exercise, or try to live healthily.

Intended Outcomes

As a result of joining this session, participants will have a full understanding of topical and current health trends.

Participants will feel more knowledgeable about which trends might be worth trying and which will work for them.

The seminar always engenders a sense of community and encourages participants to initiate conversations around the workplace about what health trends colleagues have adopted and why they may have worked or not.

Colleagues will feel empowered to speak to others and identify those trends which may be harmful, enabling them to support others on their wellness journeys.

food facts and fads programme


  • Keto, paleo, or high-fibre diets? Which one works?
  • Veganism – is it healthy or not?
  • Intermittent Fasting and time-restricted eating – Do they work for everyone?
  • Do we need supplements and if so, which ones?
  • Is celery juice all it’s made out to be?
  • Health testing and wearable devices – are they worth it?
  • Are gluten and dairy intolerances real?


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