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Sustainable lasting habits and behavioural changes to help improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.


Why is employee health and wellbeing important in the workplace?

  • Employee Health and Wellbeing have never been so important! Poor employee health costs the UK economy billions, so it is no wonder you’re thinking of taking action.
  • There are many benefits of having Health and wellbeing programs and workshops for your employees,
  • Our company wellbeing programmes can help,
    Promote lower levels of absenteeism
    Increase retention rate
    Improve work performance
    Improve work relationships
    Improve quality and productivity

Promoting Happier and Healthier Employees

Developing an effective and contemporary Employee Health and Wellbeing programme means focusing on the central pillars for healthy balanced lifestyles and workspaces. Our programmes are designed to incorporate everything from diet and exercise, mental health and sleep, strategies to cope with stress, and improving energy levels through to more detailed topics around gut health, diabetes, menopause, weight loss management and even skin.

Our Wellbeing programmes explore how these pillars affect essential aspects of your life from weight management to brain power and productivity, to how you age and how well you think. Delivered face to face or online, you can personalise your programmes to include one, or as many of the topics you see as relevant to you, your employees and your business needs

Sarah Carolides Nutrition offers a consultation service to strategise and develop your company's Employee Wellbeing Programme.

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Browse our Health and Wellbeing Workshops below

Delivered face-to-face or online, our health and wellbeing workshops complement each other, so you are able to tailor and package your wellness programme to include one, or as many of the topics you see as relevant to you and your business needs.

Each of our health and wellbeing workshops is accompanied by a deck of slides, which may be branded with your company’s logo and an informative post-seminar handout that covers all the key points discussed and how to action the suggestions in easy, sustainable steps

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In this wide-ranging seminar, we discuss how to recognise sabotage behaviour, practical steps you can take to make huge impacts on your health and wellness. Everything from breathwork to meal prep.

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The gut is often called the ‘second brain’ and with good reason. In this important seminar, you will learn the importance of your gut health and how it is directly linked to both our physical and mental health


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In this timely seminar, we outline 7 Simple Steps to less stress, anxiety & depression. Learn to take charge of your mental well-being with simple strategies that can be implemented in the workplace and in life



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If you are looking for help with employee wellness in your business, you’ve come to the right place. And now many of our services are being offered virtually, helping your team get the best out of their health – at home or in the office

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    • “It catalysed a significant amount of intrigue and I know was one of the most impactful talks we've had. I've certainly noticed more of a queue at the water tap and more people charging up the stairs!”
      Tom Dugarin – Jacuna
    • Sarah's 'High-Performance Nutrition' talk was extremely well received by our team, who all came away with a better understanding of how to fuel our bodies and the small changes which can make a big difference to our health and wellbeing. Sarah was engaging and informative, particularly explaining the importance of vitamins and minerals on the immune system and gut health. Thank you!
      Ella Stevenson – Jacuna
    • “Was lovely having you in and we have received great feedback!  Thank you so much for today, was amazing and we all loved it.”
      Kate Hewitt, Harvey Nichols
    • “Sarah’s talk was our most attended Learning & Development event so far and rightfully so. Incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and happy to respond to audience questions. The information presented was insightful and detailed but also easily understandable. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I would highly recommend Sarah for presenting in any business setting.  ”
      Tom Hunt, Lendlease